bookONE: how technology can help change the market

Jen Smith By Jen Smith on 20th Apr 2016,

On the 16th March we blogged about how the interpreting market needs to change and we were going to be the solution.

So how are we proposing to do that? Digital technology.

Since we've been developing our system a number of competitors appeared and looked like they were trying to do the same thing. Except they're essentially providing an agency model but via the Internet. We're not going to do that because the agency model is outdated and doesn't work.

Proper use of digital technology goes much further than creating an online form so people can book an interpreter via an external agency or the agency run by the website.

Many industries are now using digital technology industry to put people and services in direct contact with each other and reducing the cost: accommodation (air bnb), estate agents (,, retail outlets ( amongst many others) and even massage therapists (

The benefits of direct services can also be tied in with other social tech concepts such as better use of data (for monitoring and service planning), creation of open data and big data (for use of statistics) and the golden triple of economic, social and financial impacts.

Namely, bookONE offers a better, cheaper service with social impact and is sutainable for all users of the site: Deaf users, interpreters and those that book interpreters for Deaf people.

Digital technology is how we're going to do it. We look forward to welcoming you to the new world.

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