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  • What is bookONE?

    bookONE is a service, which allows people to directly source a registered interpreter quickly, more efficiently and at a cheaper cost in comparison to agencies.

    The interpreter quotes their fee directly to you rather than via an agency so you know how much they charge. We believe that interpreters should be able to charge sustainable rates.

  • How does bookONE work?

    After login, bookONE is a simple three-step process to booking a language professional. Register for using the site or login via your Facebook, Twitter or Google account.

    1) Enter simple details of where the job is then click to search nearby interpreters who are available.

    2) Choose your preferred interpreters or email several then enter further details of the booking.

    3) Confirm and pay for the booking.

  • Why is bookONE cheaper?

    By using the website you can source your own professional. This gives you the control and choice of whom you employ with the same convenience of using an agency. The service is automated and uses no office staff such as booking co-ordinators or administrators. The savings are passed on to you.

  • What happens to the fee that is paid to use the service?

    The fee to use the service is used for maintenance of the website, marketing and development. A percentage of profits from bookONE are paid to VoiVis, which is a Community Interest Company (CIC) set up to fund external projects to ensure that the Deaf community benefits from this service.

  • How can I get information on these projects?

    We will publish information about the Deaf people we have funded and their projects via email, our VoiVis blog, Facebook and Twitter. If you have ideas for a community project you would like is to fund, please contact us on projects@voivis.co.uk.

  • Does bookONE only have interpreters listed?

    You can source all your language and communications professionals through bookONE including sign language interpreters, spoken language interpreters, lipspeakers, notetakers, sign language translators and speech to text reporters (also known as palantypists).

  • I am booking a professional, what are the advantages of using bookONE?

    Facilitates direct booking without using an agency – you’re in control

    Lower booking fee with higher quality

    Choose favourite interpreter and see their skills or send an advert to them all

    Automatic calendar and claim form

    Find the nearest interpreter

  • I am a language professional, what are the benefits of using bookONE?

    More choice and control of type and location of work and client.

    Quote directly to clients without negotiating with agencies about fees.

    Calendar and location features mean less travel and more bookings.

    Showcase your skills with video examples.

    Integrated AtW form when applicable.

    Free registration.

  • I am a language professional. What happens if I get a bad review?

    teIf someone has a bad review this will be moderated and you will have the chance to change the review. If the reviewer thinks they have a genuine complaint they will be given information about how to complain to the NRCPD or NRPSI.

  • What happens if users of the site consistently post bad reviews?

    They will be contacted to find out why and may be banned from using the site if they are not posting genuine information.

  • Will I be charged VAT on the interpreters fee?

    You will only be charged VAT on the admin fee for each booking (unless the interpreter is VAT registered).

  • How do I know I am booking the right person?

    All professionals listed on the bookONE website are registered with the National Registers for Communication Professionals with Deaf and Deafblind people (NRCPD).

    Professionals list the type of assignments they are willing to accept such as employment, medical, legal, arts and social services. All professionals should only accept work for which they are skilled to do according to the NRCPD Code of Conduct.

    We recommend that only fully Registered professionals be employed for certain work such as legal, police, child protection and mental health. Trainees may be suitable for other assignments. Trainees with the NRCPD have on-going supervision from a fully registered professional.

    Users of professionals have the ability to review their services afterwards for the benefit of future users of the service.